WinPE 10-8 Sergei Strelec (x86/x64/Native x86) 2018.08.02 English version
Bootable disk Windows 10 and 8 PE - for maintenance of computers, hard disks and partitions, backup and restore disks and partitions, computer diagnostics, data recovery, Windows installation.

Composition of assembly:

X86 Image contains

X64 Image contains

MS-DOS programs


Adding Linux ISO images:


Importing WLAN profiles:

Connecting network drives:


Replacement of desktop pictures:

Windows Installation:

What is Native Mode

What is an item in the menu - Search & Start Windows:

Burning the image to the USB flash drive:

Update build:

MInstAll (special program shell)Dmitry Malgin (Thank you very much for the adaptation of the programme under the English version of WinPE)

Changes: Version history

System requirements:
1. RAM 1 GB / Native 512 MB
2. PC with the ability to boot from CD/DVD-drive or USB.

Checksums (*.iso file):
CRC32: 1505C503
MD5: 1FE1C367392ABD749F021E3D2EDADBEA
SHA-1: 97C6A6B12987F981B30B03B833A83930238CB2E9

Downloads: (size 3.24 Gb)


Password for archive: strelec

Update patch from version WinPE 10-8 Sergei Strelec (x86/x64/Native x86) 2018.05.03 English version (680MB)


Password for archive: strelec

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    Уважаемый посетитель, Вы зашли на сайт как незарегистрированный пользователь.
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    От: RKL22.08.2018 18:28 Пользователь offline
    Mega link for patch is removed, gives 50kb/sec. Could you please repost it? Thanks.

    От: jabrwky01.09.2018 21:37 Пользователь offline
    USA Loves you Sergei! Not to listen to the lies from US Gov't.
    We are very glad and want you to live long!

    От: SERGEI01.09.2018 22:12 Пользователь Онлайн
    jabrwky, aa
    Thank you!
    And we do not listen.
    All normal people in the world want it.
    Good luck to you and happiness! k_frand

    От: nasa07.09.2018 08:06 Пользователь offline
    Thank you very much for your efforts.

    Possible bug:

    EFI Memtest86 7.5 (5.2.2018) gives me errors on a few computers.
    Version 7.5 build 1001 (21.2.2018) does not.

    Maybe you could update the version (even if it's the free version).

    От: SERGEI07.09.2018 23:10 Пользователь Онлайн
    Thank you very much.

    От: Donotoffload11.09.2018 01:05 Пользователь offline
    First of all thank you for this software, it is great.
    Keep going.
    I will make a donation in the coming days.
    I just have a little problem with the latest version.
    I can't find: MHDD 4.6
    Could you tell me where he is or how to do it.

    Another thing, patch Patch "WinPE10 8..." what is it for?

    Best regards

    От: SERGEI11.09.2018 11:20 Пользователь Онлайн
    I just have a little problem with the latest version.
    I can't find: MHDD 4.6

    You can find it in the menu Grub4Dos

    If you have an EFI BIOS, you must enable CSM/legacy mode
    Booting from the USB flash drive is not necessary in UEFI mode
    In UEFI mode, DOS programs do not work.
    Another thing, patch Patch "WinPE10 8..." what is it for?

    If you have an ISO image of the previous version, you can download only the patch for the update.
    This saves internet traffic.

    От: Donotoffload11.09.2018 19:51 Пользователь offline
    To: SERGEi

    OK, Thank you for your prompt response.

    I have 2 last questions:
    1) What is the difference between MHDD (which I use) and VICTORIA. Because VICTORIA works in EFI and some new computers no longer have CSM / legacy.
    2) How to do when the PC doesn't take the correct screen resolution, I tried to update the drivers, but it didn't work?

    Congratulations for your work.
    Keep going.
    A French guy who says a thousand times thank you

    От: oldsarge11.09.2018 20:35 Пользователь offline
    Пытаюсь скачать английскую версию, jZip does not support the file format
    Спасибо тезка.

    От: SERGEI11.09.2018 20:48 Пользователь Онлайн
    1.Both programs for diagnosing disks.
    Each is good in its own way. HDAT2 in my opinion is also good.
    Victoria is the Windows version of the program.
    DOS programs unfortunately in pure EFI do not work.
    About Victoria you can read
    The author resumed the support of the program, and now often updates.

    All DOS versions are also available in HDDaRTs

    2. These are optimized drivers, cut down for WinPE, it's not me doing them.
    Write the model of your video card, I'll write to the author.

    oldsarge,hi! aa
    I compressed the WinRAR archiver with version 5.60
    Maybe you need to update the version icon_question

    От: oldsarge11.09.2018 21:15 Пользователь offline
    A! jZIP кажется умер. Последняя версия 2.0.
    7-ZIP распаковал без проблем.
    Спасибо еще раз!

    От: Fi4o14.09.2018 07:43 Пользователь offline
    Уважаемый SERGEI, пожалуйста, включите поддержку протокола SMB версии 1 в WinPE10. Спасибо Вам!

    От: Donotoffload14.09.2018 15:15 Пользователь offline
    To: SERGEI

    Once again, thank you for the answer.
    The card is a GIGABYTE HD 7970.
    But it doesn't matter, it was just to know if there was any manipulation to be done.
    Best regards

    От: Ald1n18.09.2018 01:04 Пользователь offline
    Hi Sergei, First of all thanks for great build, and many more thank for making it even better. I wanted to ask you how to add other stuf KRD, Clone Zilla and others after downloading files for Acronis... Do I only need to add ISO, or something Else ?

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