WinPE 10-8 Sergei Strelec (x86/x64/Native x86) 2019.10.02 English version
Bootable disk Windows 10 and 8 PE - for maintenance of computers, hard disks and partitions, backup and restore disks and partitions, computer diagnostics, data recovery, Windows installation.

Composition of assembly:

X86 Image contains

X64 Image contains

MS-DOS programs


Adding Linux ISO images:


Importing WLAN profiles:

Connecting network drives:


Replacement of desktop pictures:

Windows Installation:

What is Native Mode

What is an item in the menu - Search & Start Windows:

Burning the image to the USB flash drive:

Update build:

My answer to questions about the VIRUS in the WinPE

MInstAll (special program shell)Dmitry Malgin (Thank you very much for the adaptation of the programme under the English version of WinPE)

Changes: Version history

System requirements:
1. RAM 1 GB / Native 512 MB
2. PC with the ability to boot from CD/DVD-drive or USB.

WinPE 10-8 Sergei Strelec (x86/x64/Native x86) 2019.10.02 English version

Checksums (*.iso file):
CRC32: 59E17825
MD5: 686EFBE338F128416ACC2FFFEFC85A50
SHA-1: 7F331C0412CE083AEBB3F22481E0033BBD79E201

Downloads: (size 4.11 Gb)
Google Drive

Password for archive: strelec

Update patch from version WinPE 10-8 Sergei Strelec (x86/x64/Native x86) 2019.08.23 English version (702 MB)


Password for archive: strelec
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    От: alnaloty02.10.2019 19:04 Пользователь offline
    i downloaded WinPE10_8_Sergei_Strelec_x86_x64_2019.08.23_English.iso

    from here


    its give me this MDS5 for it


    От: SERGEI02.10.2019 19:25 Пользователь offline
    WinPE 10-8 Sergei Strelec (x86/x64/Native x86) 2019.08.23 English version
    it should be

    CRC32: FE36B601
    MD5: A62787A4E1C6F97965E79EAB0B97CBC8
    SHA-1: 97730E4D91C4FB36111461919B274FFCCEC41893

    От: Albert02.10.2019 21:54 Пользователь offline
    SERGEY, thanks. I hope the PDF description of the boot disk comes in handy.

    От: zoulou9902.10.2019 23:22 Пользователь offline
    Thank you SERGEY.

    От: clawfinge03.10.2019 00:35
    thank you very much SERGEY

    От: rbvl03.10.2019 11:18 Пользователь offline
    Сергей, большое спасибо за English version.

    От: gunix03.10.2019 12:53 Пользователь offline
    great work, thanks Sergey

    От: Ernie303.10.2019 19:23 Пользователь offline
    Thank YOU!

    От: abecedad04.10.2019 03:00 Пользователь offline
    Thank you, Mr. Strelec, thank you for sharing your valuable work. AnyDesk requires running as Admin?

    От: AramiS04.10.2019 07:10 Пользователь offline
    Thanks for your Magic! greetings from ARGENTINA!

    От: SERGEI04.10.2019 19:03 Пользователь offline
    Hello to all! aa

    AnyDesk requires running as Admin?

    abecedad, no.

    От: Paolux06.10.2019 00:04
    Thank you for bringing us such a good WinPe can you please add for Documents programs that two programs?
    pilot edit
    notepad ++
    They are really useful.
    Thank you in advance.

    От: Imadm07.10.2019 13:17
    Thanks a lot.

    От: freeworld1510.10.2019 03:37
    Many thank for your hard work!
    I have mirror of the file here for your use!

    От: Bigsease3011.10.2019 18:18
    Hello Sergei, Many Thanks for keeping the english version up to date.

    I am attempting to use the Linux ISO selection that you have built but can not figure out how to access them. I have saved for example the proper ISO files in Acronis2018, Acronis2019 and Kali Linus. I have read the included read-me file and verified that I am using the Grub loader. I have tried UEFI and Legacy boot options on different computers and I am unable to find the option to boot one of these ISO's. Can you point me in the correct location?

    Thanks in Advance.

    Здравствуйте, Сергей, Большое спасибо за актуальность английской версии.

    Я пытаюсь использовать выбор Linux ISO, который вы создали, но не могу понять, как получить к ним доступ. Например, я сохранил соответствующие файлы ISO в Acronis2018, Acronis2019 и Kali Linus. Я прочитал включенный файл read-me и подтвердил, что использую загрузчик Grub. Я пробовал UEFI и Legacy варианты загрузки на разных компьютерах, и я не могу найти вариант загрузки одного из этих ISO. Можете ли вы указать мне в правильном месте?

    Заранее спасибо.

    От: Seneken11.10.2019 19:37 Пользователь offline
    Hi Sergei, thank you so much for keep updating the English version.

    Appreciate your hard work !

    От: gamera12.10.2019 14:15 Пользователь offline
    Hello Sergey.
    How can i add new app/icon/to taskbar?

    От: nasa12.10.2019 17:39 Пользователь offline

    Could you please bring back the "Remote Registry" program.
    It made import/export actions easier than "Registry Editor PE" which adds "C_" to the keys.

    Also, please add "WizTree"

    It's much faster than WinDirStat/TreeSize


    От: Ald1n16.10.2019 08:29 Пользователь offline
    Hello Sergei, Many Thanks for keeping the english version up to date.

    I am having same problem like Bigsease30 while attempting to use the Linux selection that you have built but can not figure out how to access them. I have saved for example the proper ISO files in KRD2018, Acronis2019 and Kali Linux. I have read the included read-me file and verified that I am using the Grub loader. I have tried UEFI and Legacy boot options on different computers and I am unable to find the option to boot one of these extracted Linux ISO's. Can you point me in the correct location?

    Thanks in Advance.

    От: avdey4918.10.2019 12:12
    Добрый день. Не работает подключение по сети к сетевым шарам

    От: abecedad20.10.2019 01:40 Пользователь offline
    Mr Strelec, please add some microphone and webcam testing tool, like Webcam Viewer, or Free Sound Recorder. Thanks.

    От: Bigsease3021.10.2019 14:50
    Hello again Sergei,

    Any word on how to use the Linux ISO section? I have commented above but I assume you have been extremely busy.

    От: Ald1n22.10.2019 15:58 Пользователь offline
    I created another USB With Rufus, GPT seems to work partially, it displayed kaspersky and Parted Magic (which i put as whole ISO Unpacked), and kaspersky doesnt work, but Parted Magic works ... Yet this way only UEFI boot works... Legacy is excluded here... I would really like if SERGEI can help us solve this mistery :)

    От: Ald1n23.10.2019 12:44 Пользователь offline

    In EFI mode, the default Microsoft standard EFI boot loader is used.

    To expand functionality when booting in UEFI mode, you can switch to the GRUB2 bootloader.
    However, booting with Secure Boot enabled on all computers is not guaranteed.

    Switch between EFI loaders Microsoft or GRUB2, you need to run the batch file on a flash drive in the EFI/boot folder
    _MICROSOFT_EFI.bat - switches to the Microsoft bootloader
    _GRUB2_EFI.bat - switches to GRUB2 bootloader

    You can always see which boot loader is active by file in the EFI/boot folder
    [MICROSOFT_MODE] - Microsoft loaders are active
    [GRUB2_MODE] - GRUB2 boot loaders are active

    When using the GRUB2 boot loader in EFI, you can add Acronis True Image 2018/2019/2020, Acronis Disk Director 12, Kaspersky Rescue Disk 2018, Ñlonezilla, and TeraByte Image for Linux, Parted Magic, Ubuntu Desktop amd64. (download both in UEFI and BIOS)

    От: abecedad23.10.2019 20:40 Пользователь offline
    Mr Strelec, please add Dual-boot Repair Windows 10 ( ) . This tool is unique and can repair unbooteable systems, but requieres .NET Framework. Thanks, again.

    От: jabrwky26.10.2019 23:38 Пользователь offline
    Thank-you for this English version.

    От: johnsmith47523603.11.2019 01:20 Пользователь offline
    Does anyone know if it is possible to enable or install Java and Net Framework?

    Кто-нибудь знает, возможно ли включить или установить Java и Net Framework?

    От: zoulou9904.11.2019 16:52 Пользователь offline
    Sergei thank you so much for your work, a good too to add if you have time for F.lux:

    От: saten2215.11.2019 17:17
    Hi ,your English version is great ,so good job . its such a great Live operating system that i prefer work with it instead of Windows as installed os .

    just i have one problem in typing Persian as i am in Iran and Arabic and Persian are different .

    I want ask you how can I add Persian Input Layout to your Live WINPE ?

    can you help me adding Persian Layout or is it possible adding It to your new release ?

    thans .

    От: iraton27.11.2019 00:13
    Hi Sergei.

    Awesome project and thanks, hope it never ends.

    There is a small problem with mounting network shares/drives, it is using NTLMv1 Auth which is blocked by default on most new smb shares due to security risk. Anyway to fix this?


    От: dexter9430.11.2019 20:36 Пользователь offline
    thanks a lo0t hope it works to fix my windows installation

    От: flexy12301.12.2019 16:31

    Thanks, very helpful for diagnostics my wife's PC, very good it contains OCCT and memtest64.

    But I feel this could be a lot improved: First, there is a whole lot of unneeded crap, like multiple versions of programs (why?) and stuff like Office? Why? It just takes long to load with all that stuff.

    The biggest issue I had that it didn't even recognize GTX970, so you have to run the drivers manually so it sees the GPU. (I added this to the batch, like

    start /w nircmd.exe wait 2000
    start /w VIDEODRIVER.exe

    I "modded" my disk a bit and rebuilt it, and now it's perfect. Very good selection of tools, no doubt.



    Спасибо, очень полезно для диагностики компьютера моей жены, очень хорошо, он содержит OCCT и memtest64.

    Но я чувствую, что это может быть значительно улучшено: во-первых, есть много ненужного дерьма, например, несколько версий программ (почему?) И такие вещи, как Office? Зачем? Это займет много времени, чтобы загрузить все эти вещи.

    Самая большая проблема у меня была в том, что он даже не распознал GTX970, поэтому вам придется запускать драйверы вручную, чтобы он видел GPU. (Я добавил это в пакет, как

    start / w nircmd.exe ждать 2000
    start / w VIDEODRIVER.exe

    Я немного «модифицировал» свой диск и перестроил его, и теперь он идеален. Очень хороший выбор инструментов, без сомнения.

    От: Sergei-Shablovsky22.12.2019 10:54 Пользователь offline
    Include network tools in build: HyperTerminal, arp, trace, ping, iperf2, iperf3, ZOC Terminal, HyperAdmin

    Dear Sergei!

    1. Let’s to be thankful about a Your work another one time.

    2. Could You be so please to include small pack of network utilities and tools into You'r next build?

    This is the list of commonly used tools/utilities on Wintel platform:
    HyperTerminal (ver 7.0 and above)
    ZOC Terminal (ver 7.23.1 and above)
    HyperAdmin (ver 9.1 and above)
    iperf3 (and iperf2 as option because a lot of admins still using v.2)


    Let to make a little note about this set and why this programs selected exactly:

    - network now are the same base important condition & requirement for any workstation as a HDD (in some cases in enterprise environment even HDD not so needed, for diskless workstation with NetBoot options for example);

    - [IMPORTANT] mostly all network services inside the Win working better without any additional setup/properties, if Win was installed when network hardware (adapter speed, flow control, routing path, etc.) was setup and working correctly;

    - [IMPORTANT] most of all User Guides on peripheral hardware that are commonly used (like UPS, Environment Monitoring, Access Monitoring, switches/routers, etc.) have direct examples and “how to” based exactly on HyperTerminal, arp, ping, traceroute programms;

    - “commonly used” and “famous” terms in case of networking programs mean that end user able to find a lot of examples and additional solutions in Internet in case of some troubles;

    We more than sure that this set help administrators and end users to setup Win to work with network and local peripheral equipment correctly in a short term of time.

    Please drop a few line about this.

    Please read email about network utilities. Thx!

    От: sk156116.02.2020 01:22
    Thanks, It's very helpful for recovery my computer.

    I have a question about adding linux distro.

    I want to add ubuntu to your pe.

    What I done.

    Unpack Ubuntu Desktop amd64 ISO image into a folder on the USB flash drive Linux/ubuntu.

    Switch EFI loaders from Microsoft to GRUB2, via running the batch file on a flash drive in the EFI/boot folder[GRUB2_EFI.bat].

    Disabled secure boot.

    But, when booting, there no grub menu, but only grub prompt.

    Is anymore actions need like "grub install"?

    I am using ubuntu now.


    От: thenceforth22.04.2020 20:35 Пользователь offline

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