WinPE 10-8 Sergei Strelec (x86/x64/Native x86) 2016.11.07 English version
Bootable disk Windows 10 and 8 PE - for maintenance of computers, hard disks and partitions, backup and restore disks and partitions, computer diagnostics, data recovery, Windows installation.

Composition of assembly:

X86 Image contains

X64 Image contains

MS-DOS programs


Connecting network drives:


MInstAll (special program shell) -  Dmitry Malgin

System requirements:
1. RAM 1 GB / Native 512 MB
2. PC with the ability to boot from CD/DVD-drive or USB.

Checksums (*.iso file):
CRC32: 0E23A0D9
MD5: 9B586952D6523AC0FB92B307E1477C6D

WinPE 10-8 Sergei Strelec (x86/x64/Native x86) 2016.11.07 English version

Downloads: (size 2.1 Gb)

Google Drive


Password for archive: strelec
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    От: AramiS07.11.2016 23:49 Пользователь offline


    Greettings from Argentina!!!

    От: ronen1n08.11.2016 02:43 Пользователь offline

    Thank you very very much

    Please can you add Lazesoft Recovery its very good for windows not booting

    How can i change the keyboard to Hebrew?

    От: ayyan08.11.2016 05:43

    THANKS !!!!

    От: mixmatch08.11.2016 07:57

    Great share.

    Thanks always

    От: shazza08.11.2016 10:56

    Hello Sergiej.Can you add Polish to Keyboard Layout?
    Great JOB anyway!!

    От: chybeat08.11.2016 12:21

    one hundred and one thanks for this version. I use the "native" for old computers and some incompatibile hardware (some mITX boards). :)

    От: lordadrian08.11.2016 14:19

    Больше спасибо, к сожалению мне больше никогда не жить на Родине, так что сбокри на английском языке как раз для меня. Большое спасибо, желаю тебе крепкого здоровья на многие многие годы...

    От: Gamkutopolowk08.11.2016 17:06 Пользователь offline

    what news? it nothing new version! because i have more added apps, dos, hirens boot, etc....

    open multiboot live

    От: abecedad09.11.2016 18:22

    Hello, Mr Strelec. I'm a fan of yor work. What mean exactly "x86 native"? Thanks again for yor valuable work

    От: mikmod10.11.2016 01:20

    Sergei, you are incredible, really ^_^


    @abecedad - I believe it's for older processors, like Pentium 4


    От: Xyrk010.11.2016 17:11

    I think you do best boot cd. Before my favoride was Hirens boot cd but yours is better. Thanks a lot


    От: ronbo12.11.2016 09:57

    Thank you

    От: CCCP12.11.2016 14:13 Пользователь offline
    От: Lion_Smith12.11.2016 17:52


    От: SERGEI13.11.2016 15:17 Пользователь offline

    Ура! наконец Смотреть Кредо убийцы появился он-лайн в отличном качестве.



    От: wowowe14.11.2016 22:10

    Bro how can I add image Windows??


    how to enable using of the _WIN and the 78SETUP 


    can you guide me bro? :)


    I want to add Windows 7 bro.. 

    От: SERGEI15.11.2016 20:25 Пользователь offline

    How can i change the keyboard to Hebrew?

    Can you add Polish to Keyboard Layout?

    You need to put kbd.dll in the system32 folder and run the command in the command prompt


    wpeutil SetKeyboardLayout 040d:0000040d


    wpeutil SetKeyboardLayout 0415:00010415

    or run a batch file that I attached DOWNLOAD


    Bro how can I add image Windows??

     how to enable using of the _WIN and the 78SETUP 

    You need to put the file install.wim or install.esd in the folder /SSTR/_WIN/7x32
    or SSTR/ _WIN/7x64

    От: wowowe16.11.2016 05:09

    Bro after doing that process.... how can I boot it??


    where can I find the option when the boot loads??


    is it inside DOS Dart??

    От: SERGEI16.11.2016 17:18 Пользователь offline

    You will see the choice of Windows you want to install.

    Search by file marker install.wim.txt

    От: wowowe16.11.2016 21:27

    I see so to make it work..

    we need to run the boot loader and select Win10 or win8 then run the 78Setup then select the WIM and select start setup?? Am I right??


    I thought we run it and we can select an option when we boot it.... like an option in the boot menu to select that image...


    please guide me bro.... still a bit confused

    От: SERGEI16.11.2016 22:33 Пользователь offline

    Run 78Setup, select the install.wim and click Start Setup

    От: wowowe17.11.2016 04:34

    Ahhh... I see.. I get it now... 
    I guess I need to manually add a menu to BCD so that I can see the ISO I want to add..... :)

    But I will try that 78Setup maybe its much faster to install that way..

    От: shazza17.11.2016 07:37

    SERGEI,Sorry Polish keyboard not letters ĄĘŚĆÓŻ... others are rewired on the keyboard :(...

    От: hunter100517.11.2016 14:49

    Hi guy . In your windows pe . I can't mount any iso in virtual driver . Is this a problems ?

    От: SERGEI17.11.2016 17:38 Пользователь offline

    SERGEI,Sorry Polish keyboard not letters ĄĘŚĆÓŻ... others are rewired on the keyboard :(..

    Will fix.

    Hi guy . In your windows pe . I can't mount any iso in virtual driver . Is this a problems ?

    Problems do not see.

    От: hunter100518.11.2016 08:36

    Hi guy. When i boot in win pe . My driver sound doesn't has but internet can use . Is this driver in this win pe doesn't support my computer

    От: electro18.11.2016 12:34 Пользователь offline

    Thanks bro

    От: smyr19.11.2016 21:29

    Finally THE ULTIMATE rescue/boot option for PC!! This is really awesome! Thank you, thank you!  I have not tried the latest version but I hope it still will work with EasyBCD to add it as a boot option.. I mean for UEFI etc..  and folks, this is something I highly recommend,,, download easybcd 2.3 and pick add entry and browse to this awesome ISO and voila you have it as a boot option in windows!


    No need for usb etc,...  and it has saved me so many times so thanksm Sergei!


    Greetings from Sweden


    ALso u can use Rufus: The Reliable USB Formatting Utility to make a bootable usb!



    От: abecedad20.11.2016 21:57

    Hi. I usually install Windows 10 with an "Acronis True Image 2017" image, which is perhaps the fastest way in the world to have a computer ready with all the software in less than 15 minutes. Before I knew your work, Mr. Strelec, I had to boot the system with a Linux distro to save the data, then reboot with gparted when I needed to modify the partitions, then boot with a simple windows 7 PE to be able to collect the Drivers with offline DoubleDriver, and finally booting with the Acronis True Image 2017 disk to restore the complete system image. Now, I boot with your "Windows 10 PE Strelec x86 x64" and do it all in a few minutes without rebooting, it's fantastic! That is why I am very grateful to you, and I would like to know how I can help you continue to do your good work. Greetings from South America

    От: ahmed_fine900002.02.2017 05:49

    Dear SERGEI ,


    First of all, I want to thank you for your efforts and your co-operation with us.


    Thank you very much.


    Second : I want you to make more bootable ISO files (English Version) in the future because English is a global language.


    Third : Can you add Arabic (Egypt or Saudi Arabia) to Keyboard Layout ?


    How can I change the keyboard to Arabic (Egypt or Saudi Arabia) ?


    Because Arabic is important for me and for alot of users all over the world.


    Fourth : Could you add an English template to this website or add a google translation to it, please?


    Because some users ,like me, find some difficulties with Russian language.


    At last : thank you very much.



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