WinPE 10-8 Sergei Strelec (x86/x64/Native x86) 2018.05.03 English version
Bootable disk Windows 10 and 8 PE - for maintenance of computers, hard disks and partitions, backup and restore disks and partitions, computer diagnostics, data recovery, Windows installation.

Composition of assembly:

X86 Image contains

X64 Image contains

MS-DOS programs


Importing WLAN profiles:

Connecting network drives:


Replacement of desktop pictures:


Windows Installation:

What is Native Mode

What is an item in the menu - Search & Start Windows:

Burning the image to the USB flash drive:

Update build:

MInstAll (special program shell)Dmitry Malgin (Thank you very much for the adaptation of the programme under the English version of WinPE)

Changes: Version history

System requirements:
1. RAM 1 GB / Native 512 MB
2. PC with the ability to boot from CD/DVD-drive or USB.

Checksums (*.iso file):
CRC32: 726D890A
MD5: 42AA002F477F779D51C56D7583069729
SHA-1: 7995E61A0259491AF9F9F7F09EF8BF5CA7139D97

Downloads: (size 3.15 Gb)

Cloud  Link removed
MEGA  ​Link removed​  ​Link removed​  ​Link removed​  ​Link removed​

Password for archive: strelec


You can also receive information on the release of a new public assembly by subscribing to the Telegram channel:
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    От: LordAlexius16.07.2018 06:38 Пользователь offline
    Hello Sergei!
    It is unfortunate that you’ve decided to surrender the English version of your project. I’ve been using your packages for some time and might say a lot about your professionalism and passion to create something quite remarkable such as this bootable software. Something that is really working well. I admit that each good work must be rewarded. As a result, I offer you my humble donation, with all best wishes from Canada.

    Здравствуйте Сергей!
    Очень жаль, что вы решили оставить Английскую версию своего проекта. Я пользовался ей достаточно долгое время, и могу сказать многое о вашем профессионализме и желании создать что-то особенное, как ваши загрузочные диски. Что-то что действительно работает хорошо. Я признаю, что любая хорошая работа должна быть вознаграждена. Я предлагаю вам свой скромный вклад в качестве доната, с наилучшими пожеланиями из Канады.

    От: Stone18.07.2018 16:45 Пользователь offline
    I keep checking this site weekly to see if you might have changed your mind about canceling the English version. I would be happy to make a donation if you decide to keep the English version alive.

    От: jabrwky27.07.2018 03:57 Пользователь offline
    Dear Sergei,
    I must send some money when our bills get paid. I'll include a note with my user from paypal. Please try not to give up on peeps from US (en) versions. I completely understand how you feel.
    There has *never* been a boot disk like your creation. There has never been a site so well built as the one you have created for this. Thank-you.

    От: srialmaster29.07.2018 16:07 Пользователь offline

    I really appreciate the hard work you put into your product! It's much better than the old Hiren's disc that died. I have just donated to you in hopes that you might reconsider continuing this project as many appreciate it.


    От: d3w10n31.07.2018 01:18 Пользователь offline
    Sent additional few shekels mate (and this time I mentioned my username, cos its different from my PayPal email), and will continue to do so occasionally, regardless of the StrelecEN status.

    Just annoyed that I didn't do this earlier. Cheers.

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