WinPE 10-8 Sergei Strelec (x86/x64/Native x86) 2020.04.27 English version
Bootable disk Windows 10 and 8 PE - for maintenance of computers, hard disks and partitions, backup and restore disks and partitions, computer diagnostics, data recovery, Windows installation.

Composition of assembly:

X86 Image contains

X64 Image contains

MS-DOS programs


Adding Linux ISO images:


Importing WLAN profiles:

Connecting network drives:


Replacement of desktop pictures:

Windows Installation:

What is Native Mode

What is an item in the menu - Search & Start Windows:

Burning the image to the USB flash drive:

Update build:

MInstAll (special program shell)Dmitry Malgin (Thank you very much for the adaptation of the programme under the English version of WinPE)

Changes: Version history

System requirements:
1. RAM 1 GB / Native 512 MB
2. PC with the ability to boot from CD/DVD-drive or USB.

WinPE 10-8 Sergei Strelec (x86/x64/Native x86) 2020.04.27 English version

Checksums (*.iso file):
CRC32: 1CA2FE09
MD5: 2D888E751B0D63EEA13DD7A8F840CFB1
SHA-1: E17ED082B1E713059073BB395335390AA53B8AA8

Downloads: (size 4.19 Gb)
Google Drive

Password for archive: strelec

Torrent-tracker NNM-Club

Update patch from version WinPE 10-8 Sergei Strelec (x86/x64/Native x86) 2019.12.28 English version (953 MB)


Password for archive: strelec
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    От: bman109605.05.2020 19:55 Пользователь offline
    Thanks as always. One question I am trying to get the latest Ubuntu 20.04 iso on the DOS menu which is grub4dos I know and have used the older versions in the previous releases from you but this one appears to be a newer grub4dos version and it errors out while trying to boot the iso. Any help on version of grub4dos or how to get it to boot the iso would be great.


    От: SERGEI05.05.2020 20:31 Пользователь offline
    bman1096, aa
    The ISO image must be unpacked to the Linux/ubuntu folder.

    От: viza201505.05.2020 22:47 Пользователь offline
    заливайте на норм обменники! Mega не шаровый!!!! Как с него большое качать

    От: SERGEI05.05.2020 23:32 Пользователь offline
    если вы имеете в виду тот ISO что для тестирования, то пожалуйста.

    От: acetken06.05.2020 00:25 Пользователь offline
    Thank you so much Sergei! You are amazing!

    От: viza201506.05.2020 02:51 Пользователь offline
    thank Sergei

    От: NTurky06.05.2020 23:15 Пользователь offline
    Thank you Sergei.
    If anyone else want to try the "test_2020.05.05_English.iso" and already have "WinPE10_8_Sergei_Strelec_x86_x64_2020.04.27_English.iso", I've created an exe (7z SFX) that only weights 134 MiB. It autoextracts and execute an svf patch that creates the new iso from the previous one. If you're paranoid you can simply open the .exe with 7zip, extract the files and do it manually. It's .zip compressed and a README.txt is included with hash values of both isos.

    От: SERGEI06.05.2020 23:35 Пользователь offline
    NTurky, aa

    От: bader09.05.2020 23:13 Пользователь offline
    شكراً سيرجي، عمل رائع

    От: srialmaster11.05.2020 06:39 Пользователь offline
    Hi Sergei,
    Really appreciate the updated image! Is there an easy way to add the Memtest86 Free version 8 to the UEFI boot menu? Thanks in advance!

    От: SERGEI11.05.2020 18:59 Пользователь offline
    bader, aa

    srialmaster, aa
    Memtest86 is in the UEFI boot menu.
    You need to switch to the GRUB2 UEFI bootloader, run _CRUB2_MODE.BAT in the efi/boot folder on your flash drive. Switch back to Microsoft bootloader, run _MS_MODE.BAT

    От: srialmaster12.05.2020 04:35 Пользователь offline


    Is there a way to update the Passmark Memtest86 to v8? I downloaded the usb-zip file and copied to another USB. I see it has the same files names bootia32.efi and bootx64.efi. Can I replace these in the EFI/BOOT folder, or will this cause a lot of issues?

    От: SERGEI12.05.2020 19:39 Пользователь offline
    Yes, you can replace.
    Just rename to mt64.efi and mt32.efi first

    От: jsylee13.05.2020 00:02 Пользователь offline
    Thanks Sergei for the great job!!

    what software can i use to edit the bootmgr menu i would like to add some frequently use app on the dos-menu list. i know the main menu can be edited using bcd editor. but somehow i cannot figure out the dos menu part. :P

    От: Albert13.05.2020 00:51 Пользователь offline
    jsylee, I can be mistaken, but it is likely that old article SERGEI about it. Translation may not be correct.
    Bootmgr he does not know how to load images and HDDaRTs.ima and bbm.ISO are images. If you open (even in Notepad ++) file "/SSTR/DOS/Ghost.mbr" look closely at most of its ending, and then look at the contents of the directory "/ SSTR / DOS" - will understand the principle of implementation of these "tricks". Maybe even then tell others.

    Interestingly, and how to create these files yourself (mbr)?
    you can program EasyBCD
    You make the appropriate folder structure in the root directory, and add a load into memory, so you do not defragment

    In the root file appears ANG0. Here, open it in Notepad and look at the bottom

    Here it is, and you can already register in BCD, only rename in this case, for example, in bbm.mbr
    I recommend experimenting yet on virtual machine, or make a backup of the same program native BCD.
    Edit the way you can in the Hex Editor

    Or just download the required BCD and then edit the path as you like ...

    От: SERGEI13.05.2020 01:31 Пользователь offline
    jsylee, aa
    you can use BOOTICE by running editing in Professional mode

    От: jsylee13.05.2020 18:33 Пользователь offline

    thansk for the tips sergei!! another question :P

    how can i move the hdclone to the dos-menu instead of the main menu

    От: Ulysses13.05.2020 23:51 Пользователь offline
    Hello Sergei, Thanks for your great time and job doing such useful job for us!

    I have such trouble on new versions

    I have create bootable stick by Easy2boot and would like to put ur winpe iso on winpe directory on my stick (like that see link pleas: )

    i did but after i boot up from stick and will choose winpe it not loads.

    before it worked but not remember which your winpe it was.

    i will try also russian versions.

    thanks help in that.

    От: SERGEI14.05.2020 00:18 Пользователь offline
    how can i move the hdclone to the dos-menu instead of the main menu

    honestly, I don't know how to do it at BOOTICE.
    I edit the BCD on the command line, it's more convenient for me.
    DOS menu can be found in toolsdisplayorder
    Look at the record ID
    An example:
    bcdedit /store C:\winpe\ISO\boot\bcd /enum all

    and add it to the tooldisplayorder.
    An example:
    bcdedit /store C:\winpe\ISO\boot\bcd /toolsdisplayorder {0c7a79cf-548e-11e1-ab6d-005056c00008} /addlast
    where {0c7a79cf-548e-11e1-ab6d-005056c00008} is a record identifier.

    От: jsylee14.05.2020 14:28 Пользователь offline
    update. manage to use bootice to add entry to tools display order. just need to double click on the toolsdisplayorder a list of entry u can use sort order and add entry from there. thanks for you great help again. Great work sergei!

    От: zahid15.05.2020 07:20 Пользователь offline
    Hi, Sergei, Sir.
    Kindly update EasyUEFI Enterprise v4.0 as new version has 2 new functions.
    Thanks in advanced

    От: Peter08615.05.2020 13:28 Пользователь offline
    Thanks again, Sergei......I sent you a small help through Paypal. Your efforts should be rewarded. Cheers!

    От: nu4a16.05.2020 11:20 Пользователь offline

    It's updated in my modification of Sergei Strelec BootCD. You can check it here:

    Sergei or you can get my EasyUEFI_x64.exe package, but you will need the registry key HKLM\Software\Hasleo\EasyUEFI to register it and to add they update server in HOSTS file to block update/licensing:

    От: Ulysses16.05.2020 21:00 Пользователь offline
    no reply for that question. so bad

    От: SERGEI16.05.2020 22:07 Пользователь offline
    Peter086, aa
    thank you very much for your help! k_frand

    Ulysses, aa
    I have no answer to your question yet. I have never used this program. I wanted to try it myself, but so far there is no time for this. Perhaps the person who uses it will answer your question.

    nu4a, aa
    Thank you so much!
    EasyUEFI Enterprise v4.0 works great for you! good

    От: zahid17.05.2020 07:04 Пользователь offline
    Thanks a lot to all Brother, especially Sergei and nu4a,for their kind reply and efforts they made to solve the problems, we face regarding pc repairing.

    От: SERGEI18.05.2020 21:54 Пользователь offline
    nu4a, aa
    zahid, aa
    I hurried a little. EasyUEFI Enterprise v4.0 works well in a virtual machine.
    But when I booted onto my computer, it was a trial version.
    You can use this my option. We get a full 15 day trial.
    Without violating anything. Run the program from a shortcut on the desktop.
    I hope there are no restrictions in the trial version.

    От: nu4a18.05.2020 23:50 Пользователь offline
    sergei, zahid,

    I have found the problem. I have activated the license on my virtual machine. When you boot on your computer the Hardware ID is different.

    To fix it, just do this easy steps:
    1. Start EasyUEFI and click "Upgrade now" on the bottom right.
    2. Enter the following serial number:
    3. Enter whatever you want for activation code, it will accept it anyway.
    4. Restart the EasyUEFI program.

    Sorry for that, but the crack is stupid and you have to activate it manually on every different hardware. I will add ACTIVATE.TXT file in my portable package to clarify the process.

    P.S. After activation you can export the Hasleo key in HKLM\Software and import it in WinPE. That way it won't ask you next time for this machine.

    От: SERGEI19.05.2020 00:09 Пользователь offline
    I think it makes no sense to do this. Try my option. Each time you download and run the program, you will have a fully functional 15 day version. You do not violate anything.

    От: nu4a19.05.2020 03:47 Пользователь offline

    Can you try this one? I have created a simple AutoIt script to activate the program automatically. You will find the au3 script inside the package.

    От: zahid19.05.2020 05:50 Пользователь offline
    Thank you so much Sergei, sir.
    It works.

    От: SERGEI19.05.2020 19:56 Пользователь offline
    Can you try this one?

    this one works well, thank you! ay

    От: nu4a20.05.2020 00:38 Пользователь offline

    You are welcome. Cheers!

    От: bader28.05.2020 18:01 Пользователь offline
    File was removed!

    От: piterk29.05.2020 13:49 Пользователь offline
    Hello. I use your mods for a long time and I have to congratulate you for the great work. However, I wonder if there would be an option to install your system so that it remembers the changes upon restart. To set it to an IP address, leave some files on the desktop or connect remotely.

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